Artisans of Agriculture

Giallo Royal is a family business created in 1999, the period in which we started growing subtropical fruit, such as Mangos and Avocados.

In the region of La Axarquía we are pioneers in the growing of kumquats, an activity that we have been carrying out for over 15 years. We currently have new challenges in the cultivation of organic products, such as passionfruit and finger lime. In total we produce over 10 very specific varieties, among them exotic, subtropical and tropical fruit, all organic.

Our products are organic in response to the new healthy way of life and the resulting demand for healthy products by consumers. Our fruit is ready for consumption from when it is harvested, minimising the crop’s environmental footprint. Because we believe in a cleaner and healthier world.

We take care of what you like


Since our product is organic, it is a quality product that is only harvested when the fruit is ripe and it is the optimal time for consumption.

Giallo Royal does not work with stored products. The product is sent to its destination on the day of the harvest and is packaged in the same farm and sent directly to clients, avoiding sales brokers and allowing the fruit to arrive as fresh as possible.

All of this would be impossible without our company’s team of professionals that is devoted to obtaining the best fruit from each tree and providing the best harvesting service. We are artisans of Agriculture.

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