Lychees are fruits originating in China, grown and consumed throughout all subtropical areas. They are powerful antioxidants.


Lychees have a grape-like appearance, both in size and texture, but are covered by a very hard, rough, reddish skin. Their pulp is white with a very sweet flavour and they contain a stone in the centre.

Benefits and properties

  • They have a high vitamin C content, covering daily needs. They are ideal for people who cannot tolerate citrus fruits.
  • They contain high levels of potassium and magnesium and low levels of sodium.
  • They aid the immune system due to the vitamin B and folic acid they provide.
  • They provide a large amount of fibre, which helps maintain good intestinal health.
  • They are powerful antioxidants and help lower cholesterol.
  • They prevent cancer due to their high polyphenol content.


They can be stored for several weeks in the fridge.

The skin colour indicates their degree of ripeness, with them being reddish when fresh and becoming brownish as they ripen with the skin becoming harder.


The main way to consume lychees is fresh, since you can savour the full sweet flavour and aroma. To do this, you peel the lychee with the help of a knife making a small cut on its skin, which helps in the peeling of the fruit.

Other uses for lychees are in salads and fruit salads, dishes to which they provide a sweet touch.