Lemons are native to Southeast Asia. They are citrus fruits with an extreme fragrance and excellent cleansing properties. They are a source of vitamin C.

Lemons belong to the citrus family. Their shape is round and slightly elongated and they have a thick skin. The pulp is pale yellow, juicy, with an acidic taste and it is divided into segments.

Their skin colour is yellow and it is particularly bright when ripe.

Benefits and properties

  • Rich in vitamin C.
  • They have anti-cancer properties.
  • They purify, alkalise and hydrate, correcting the PH.
  • They aid digestion.


They can be stored at room temperature for a long period of time. In the refrigerator they can last for up to 3 or 4 weeks.


They are used fresh for culinary purposes and also as a preservative in other foods, which prevents them from oxidising and going off.

They are also used in dressings and marinades, as well as in a variety of juices.